Brian and Marion Wilson achieved their lifetime ambition of purchasing an 8 acre dilapidated small holding back in 1976 and developing it into a productive farm and home for their children.

They began by producing cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and in 1984 we opened a farm shop where Marion, assisted by a butcher, sold the home-produced meat direct to the local people of Hockley.

This has grown from an original idea into a large business employing seven local people and they continue to produce their own cattle and source lambs, pigs and poultry locally.


The business has substantially grown over the years and now, as well as the retail side of the business, La Vallee Farm also caters for the wholesale trade supplying several local restaurants and outlets further afield.

The farm shop prides itself in selling home produced beef, lamb and locally sourced pork & poultry. We also specialise in home-made sausages, burgers and kebabs and a variety of low fat products.

Over the last 6 years we have established a hog roast business which is very popular for any function or that special occasion.


The beauty of our Low Fat meat products is that they are produced locally, are good for your diet, they taste better and are good for the environment.

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